Creative Bachelor Party Ideas

groom trends logoBachelor party season is upon us and to help prevent any Hangover style atrocities, we’ve got some ideas for you.   Not to worry, they aren’t entirely booze & debauchery free..

Game Day  Get out and get dirty in an adrenaline-pumping war of paintball.  Too dirty for ya?  Head to a baseball game for and afternoon of hot dogs and beer.

Game Night  Host a poker night in honor of the groom complete with prizes and cocktails.  Keep it cool or go all in — there are companies that will set up a full-on casino if you want!  If poker isn’t you guys’ thing, head to an adult arcade for drinks & skeeball.

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Tastes & Tours  With so many craft breweries popping up, pick one and take a tour… or better yet, map out the day to hit up all of your local favorites.  Wine tours and whiskey tastings are also a fun alternative, should your buddy not like beer (what?!).

road trip, get away, bachelor party weekend, camping, fishing, snowboarding

Hit the Road  Plan a weekend and get away — go snowboarding, camping, or cruise to the beach.  En route, be sure to check out the roadside diners!

Have fun fellas!  And no face tattoos, k?

Images:  Paintball  |  Poker  |  Beer Flight  |  Open Road

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