Adding Butterflies On Wedding Invitations

A Hint Of Things To Come

Every bride wants her special day to be filled with meaning in ways that express her personality, as well as that of her betrothed. While there are numerous ways to do this, one way to share your uniqueness with guests and family members is to release butterflies at the end of the reception instead of throwing rice. Additionally, a perfect way to hint at things to come is to include a butterfly graphic on your Custom Wedding Invitations which will further indicate your individuality and commitment. Purchasing affordable wedding invitations that allow you to customize words, colors and art will allow you to achieve this special touch.

Butterflies: Romantic, Eco-Friendly and Meaningful

Butterflies have become very popular to release at a wide arrange of events, and no more so than at weddings. Their symbolism is profound in that, for many people and cultures, they represent a new beginning, growth, rebirth, commemoration and fertility. As such, including a butterfly depicted on your custom wedding invitations has just as much meaning as releasing them at the end of your reception. In fact, they can represent lightness and joy from the time your guest first open the wedding announcement to their leaving the party with a butterfly delicately balanced on their shoulder.

Ordering Butterflies

When ordering these lovely creatures make sure you buy from a reputable butterfly farmer in lieu of purchasing cheaper ‘grow your own’ butterfly kits. Sometimes the kits fail to yield the butterflies either in quantities you will need or in time for when you will need them.

Releasing Butterflies

Butterflies can be released in several ways at the end of your wedding festivities. Options include an individual release or a mass release. If you choose a mass release, often the bride and groom will release between 3 to 4 dozen butterflies, which makes an impressive effect. Or, if you prefer, you can delegate the release to a trusted individual or to the maid of honor and best man. Either way, the delicate and elegant visual it makes will be lasting and distinctive.

If you opt to do an individual release, each guest will receive a triangular shaped envelope, some may even be origami styled, which includes a butterfly. Some butterfly farmers may even allow you to customize the envelope with your names and wedding date, which is a nice touch. The individual release method will need an announcer to set the release event in motion, who can be chosen from a trusted friend or family member.

Conditions of a Butterfly Release

Butterflies can only be released at certain times of the year and under specific weather conditions. For example, they can’t be released if it is below 65 degrees or if it is raining. In the event of rain, you can however, hang them in a decorative bird cage for release by others at a later date. Overall, butterflies make for a unique and meaningful expression that celebrates your union, whether released at the close of the reception or as a distinctive decoration in the event of unanticipated rain.