A Walk Down the Aisle

A walk down the aisleWhen one is asked about a traditional wedding, they usually say that the father is the one to walk the bride down the aisle. But what works for some doesn’t always work for all. Different family structures call for different scenarios. We have a few suggestions when it comes to choosing who will walk you down the aisle:

Your Father: Traditionally, the father is the one to walk his daughter down the aisle. For those who have had a close relationship with their father, we’re sure that he would be elated to be the one to give you away.

Father Figure: A biological father is not always the person that a bride looks up to as a father figure. Sometimes, a step-father, uncle, or grandfather is the man to fill the role of a protector, guider, and one who offers unconditional love.

If Your Father Has Passed: In this situation, we understand that it is incredibly difficult to select someone other than your father to fill this traditional role. Many times, a bride chooses a family member like an uncle, grandfather, or brother will be the person to represent their father. Other times, the bride chooses to walk alone.

Walking down the aisle with two dadsBlended Family: In a blended family, it may be hard to select one person who has played a larger role in shaping you into the person that you are today. While some brides make a choice between a step-father and their biological father, others choose to walk arm-in-arm with both.

Single Mother: For those who were raised by a single mother, making the choice to have her walk you down the aisle is an incredible honor for which we’re sure she will be overjoyed by.

Simply the Bride: Sometimes a bride chooses to walk down the aisle on her own, representing her independence and journey to the new chapter in her life. This modern approach is also used for those who have previously been married or their father has passed away and they do not want to select someone else to fill the role.

Bride and Groom walking down the aisleWith Your Fiancé (To-Be-Husband): Some brides choose to walk down the aisle with their husband-to-be, a very different approach than what is traditional. This usually represents their unity and walk into their new life as one.

Skip the Walk: Sometimes, a bride chooses to skip the walk down the aisle all-together and begin the ceremony already in front of the officiant. This allows the couple to greet and interact with their guests before they exchange their vows, an approach used for more casual ceremonies.

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