A List of Fairytale Themed Wedding Ideas

No matter what your childhood dreams or favorite fairytale, your wedding day is the best day to make it all come to life.  Use little touches or an all out costumed theme to make your special day a dream come true.  From the invitations to the cutting of the cake, be the princess you are inside on your wedding day.

  • Consider old (or old looking) books as centerpieces.  Adorn the stacks with rose petals.  Fake books made to look like books of fairytales work as well.
  • Put flower petals everywhere.  They will add soft beautiful touches and help complete the fairytale illusion.
  • Candles add to any fairytale ambiance.  Just chose the appropriate holders, colors and sizes and you have instant gorgeous centerpieces and favors.  From votive candles to tapered candles to pillar candles, these make excellent additions to your décor. These work best in a low lit room.
  • Simple beauty is the underlying theme of all fairytale weddings.  Any elements of nature you choose to incorporate will add to the beauty of your special day.  Branches, flowers candles and water are great décor choices for your fairytale wedding.  Incorporate elements of nature that fit the fairytale from which you are gathering inspiration.
  • Love the idea of a fairytale theme but don’t want to go “over the top”? Choose a theme that embodies the spirit of your favorite fairytale and use that.  This way you can use a theme that is a bit more traditional and just add touches of your favorite fairytale.  A classic and elegant atmosphere can still be maintained even with a childhood fantasy as a theme.
  • Do your research.  Research the culture and time period where your favorite fairytale takes place.  Incorporate elements from these cultures and time periods to add to the ambiance. Consider hairstyles, dress and other elements.
  • Get a blank guest book and write your love story on alternating pages.  After the ceremony you will be left with a beautiful fairytale styled keepsake with messages from all your friends and family.  If you have the time and means, have it done in calligraphy to look like an old style fairytale book.  Consider doing this with your photo album as well or creating a keepsake album with photos from both of your lives leading up to your wedding day as your “happily ever after”
  • Research bridal boards and sites to see what other brides with your theme idea have done.  Call vendors and talk about ideas they have regarding your theme of choice or hire a wedding planner experienced in pulling themes together.  A few hours of searching can yield you countless ideas.