A Fresh Idea for a Spring Treat

Spring is definitely in the air. You can hear the birds chirping as you get ready for work. You can actually see the road while driving to work and you can see the Capri pants and bikinis popping up in your local department store. When spring starts to show that means the wedding season is quickly approaching. This time of year many of us see a flood of wedding invitations pour into our mailboxes. So many brides going after that perfect, and oh so coveted, mid-June wedding.

With the late spring and early summer months being such a popular time to get married. Many brides are searching for that one thing to make their wedding be the “hit” of the year; the thing that will be sure to have their guests talking for the rest of the year.

Each year many trends come and go on the wedding circuit. Some are so very original and hip, that after one season or so they seem outdated fast! There are also many quirky and silly ideas that really work for just those certain couples. Not many have any type of staying power. Very few have that understated surprise quality most brides are hoping for. The ones that leave us thinking, “Why have we never thought of that?”

So for this year’s wedding season may we introduce the champagne freeze pops?  What in the world are champagne freeze pops? Are they frozen treats made from champagne? Not quite. But, these delectable little treats are just the thing for a hot outdoor wedding.

Just picture yourself at a beautiful outdoor wedding on an extra warm Saturday. The bride has thought of just the thing to keep you occupied as you are waiting for her debut, a cocktail hour prior to the ceremony. You long for a cool drink to keep you refreshed while you wait and mingle. At the bar you spot a tray with frozen pops inside of champagne flutes. You ask the bartender what they are for and watch as he pours some champagne into the glass.

It’s cute and okay, not quite elegant but sooo refreshing! Even those of us who are definitely not champagne fans will enjoy this cute and delicious treat.

Brides could decide to choose several different flavors in an effort to please all the different types of guests or just choose flavors that will match the wedding colors. You could even ask your chef to whip up some gourmet flavors for a slightly more upscale flavor and appeal. Have fresh berries frozen inside for texture and taste is an option as well. The possibilities are abundant and who doesn’t like a freeze pop?

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