9 Wedding Day Beauty Tips for the Blushing Bride

All eyes are on the bride when it comes time to walk down that aisle.  Chances are you planned your veil and jewelry well in advance based on loose ideas of how you want to wear your hair.  You may have chosen and booked a hairdresser even.  There are so many little details that go into your final look on your wedding day.  Here are some to consider.

Bridal Beauty Tip #1: Now is not the time to try something new!

Even if you have never had an allergic reaction in your life you want to make sure the products you will be using work for you.  Wedding planning is pretty stressful and can wreak havoc on your skin to start never mind with the addition of new products and perfumes.  Make sure to start giving the products you intend to use a test run a few weeks before the wedding.  Don’t forget to test out the brands of hairspray shampoo and other hair products your hairdresser intends to use.  Planning on going tanning?  Start that ahead of time as well.  A streaky tanning a few days before the wedding can be pretty hard to hide.  Any facials, skin treatments and waxing should be done in advance as well.  Also test the fragrance you want to wear for a few days before using it on your wedding day if it is something new. Make sure you aren’t allergic to the flowers you and your attendants will carry. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Bridal Beauty Tip #2: Don’t wash your hair on your wedding day.

You want to feel your best and squeaky clean for the big day.  Washing your hair is a big no no.  Wash it a day or two ahead of time then let your natural oils do their work.  They will make your hair look shinier and healthier.  They also help keep whatever style you choose in place longer.  If you are in doubt it is best to consult your hairdresser.

Bridal Beauty Tip #3: Consider hiring pros

Most of us hire a hairdresser for the big day if only to save ourselves the hassle.  Consider hiring a makeup artist as well.  No matter how good you are at applying your makeup chances are a pro will know a few tricks you don’t.  This is especially useful for dealing with wedding day breakouts and mishaps.  Plus it is after all your wedding day.  Why not get totally pampered?  If hiring pro hairdressers and makeup artists isn’t in your budget try to find a friend or relative with a knack.  Chances are they will have a steadier hand, be less nervous and save you a ton of time.  It can be hard to feel you have everything “just right” when doing it all yourself.  If you are doing everything yourself consider a lesson with a makeup professional.  They can give you tips on how to deal with last minute issues and what will look best on you.

Bridal Beauty Tip #4: Have essentials on hand for the big day

You will want to have a purse or beauty bag on hand throughout the day for touch ups and emergencies. Including the lipstick and concealer you used is a good idea.  A stick of wax or pomade for flyaways is also a great idea.  An eyelash brush to comb mascara that has clumped from tears is also a must have.  A bit of makeup remover and a couple cotton swabs can help remove any smears.  Eye drops to keep your teary eyes white and bright in your pictures are also something to consider.  You can’t possibly carry every beauty product you may need with you all day but being prepared for these common issues can go a long way.  Not carrying a purse?  Ask your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to at least keep your lipstick in their purse and let you know when you need a touch up.

Bridal Beauty Tip #5: Beware sunscreen

We all know sunscreen is a good idea to help hold on makeup and to protect us from aging.  Because sunscreen helps reflect the sun away from our skin it may do the same in photos.  Be wary of using sunscreen as a base or using foundations that contain sunscreen on your big day.  It may give you a great glow, but may also reflect badly in pictures making you look washed out.  Take some pictures of yourself in the makeup you plan to wear a few days ahead of time.  Leave the makeup for your test run on for a few hours and take pictures again to make sure you are getting the look you want.

Bridal Beauty Tip #6: Use long lasting and waterproof products

Even if you don’t think you will cry it is a good idea to use products such as mascara that are waterproof.  You may tear a bit and sweat can also smear makeup.  Long lasting lipsticks and sealants over them can help maintain your look for the times you will have to go long periods without checking to see if you need a touch up.  For hot weather and outdoor weddings consider minimal makeup.  Makeup will melt and smear more the hotter it gets.

Bridal Beauty Tip #7: Be prepared for a possible makeup crisis.

We all dread the idea of a huge blemish popping up on our wedding day.  Be prepared in advance and know how to best conceal it for your skin tone.  Try warm compresses to take out the swelling before you apply your makeup.  Blemishes aren’t the only skin problem that can quickly emerge.  Cold sores and under eye circles are also problems you want to be prepared to handle.  Consulting a professional before your big day is the best way to make sure you are prepared.

Bridal Beauty Tip #8: Apply your makeup for the camera

Photography can play tricks on the eye and make our makeup look way different then it did.  For example if any of your photos are going to be black and white, blush that is more than a shade or two away from your skin tone will look gray.  Make sure you take photos on your test run and consult your photographer for tips and what to avoid.

Bridal Beauty Tip #8: Getting the hair you want not the hair you have.

You already know that new chemicals are something to avoid without enough of a buffer before the big day so changes in hair color should be made a few weeks in advance to give your hairdresser time to correct anything you don’t like without destroying your hair.  You may have always dreamed of an up-do at your wedding but decided to give yourself a cute pixie cut last summer.  More and more brides are turning to extensions to get the look they want for their wedding day.  Your hairdresser can tell you all the options available and help you find something in your price range.  Even if you don’t need length extensions can add body and layers giving you the look you are after.

Bridal Beauty Tip #9: Your teeth

Whitening our teeth especially for important events is becoming a bigger and bigger trend.  Like everything else you want to do this in advance.  Avoid things like red wine that can stain your teeth.  Use a whitening toothpaste for a few months before the wedding.  Whitening kits are now sold at your local drugstore and while it isn’t the same as having them professionally whitened they can make a huge difference.  Scheduling a cleaning a few weeks before the wedding can also help you feel your smile is at its brightest.

The Biggest Bridal Beauty Tip: RELAX!!

Your wedding day will be a success as long as you wind up married.  Everything else is really just icing on the cake.  Just do your best and remember that your best beauty asset is your smile!  A happy bride is the most beautiful one.

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