7 Bridesmaids’ Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Wedding Budget

You have shopped around for the best deal on flowers and somehow budgeted for the dress of your dreams.  When doing a wedding budget it is easy to find ways to save money on things like attire and catering.  Many people don’t even think about things like gifts for the wedding party when they are making their original budget.  While nice jewelry and spa certificates are nice ideas for gifts for your bridesmaids, they can also be quite expensive.

Most of what you can buy, you can make yourself.  Also, if you aren’t too precise about what you are looking to get your girls, you may also find things similar for a much more affordable price.

Here are 7 ideas that can help you wow your bridesmaids with gifts without breaking the bank.

1. Personalize it Yourself – There are countless personalized bridesmaids’ gifts advertised and available.  Most of them you can buy much cheaper in a plain version and personalize yourself. Craft stores sell plain tote bags, thong sandals (flip flops) makeup bags, t-shirts and so much more ready to be personalized.  The craft store will also have almost anything you can imagine on hand to use to personalize your gifts.  You can use things like iron-on appliques for a quick and easy personalization or hand glue gems and other adornments on your gifts if you have more time.  Many craft stores also have someone on hand who teaches craft classes that may have some ideas for you.  Check “do it yourself” websites and project books and cards at your local craft store for even more inspiration.  Ask on bridal boards if there is something you want to do. Others may have done it and have some great tips for you to help you personalize everything from wedding invitations to the t-shirts for your bachelorette party.

2. Pick a Theme – Choose a theme for your bachelorette gifts and then pick gifts you can find on clearance that fit that theme.  A spa day gift bag can include loofahs you get two for $1.00, a pedicure kit you find on clearance and face mask sample sizes you find for under $2.00.  A kitchen theme can include personalized aprons (that you make yourself!), a kitchen gadget or two and some recipe cards for your favorite recipe as well as a recipe for friendship (you can make these yourself as well!) You can choose from so many different themes and it makes for a clever gift that your bridesmaids will love. Try a coffee house theme, a nail care theme, a floral theme or a travel theme.  Perhaps you all share a favorite sports team or hobby you can use as a theme. The possibilities are truly endless and only limited by your imagination.  No one will know you found things on clearance unless you tell them!

3. Take Advantage of Special Offers – Many websites and stores have email and coupon clubs.  It may seem like spam and junk mail but these clubs can save you quite a bit of money when making large or frequent purchases.  Make an email account for your wedding and maybe even a second for signing up to get the email deals.  Don’t use deals for things just because it is a good price, however.  Choose the items you want first and wait for a deal that you can apply to them.

4. Make a Budget and Stick to It – Don’t fall into the trap of grabbing new things for your bridesmaids every single time you see something you love. Set a spending limit and shop around before you choose.  Count every little purchase into the total spent for each bridesmaid as small additions and clearance purchases can quickly have you going over your budget.  Make sure any items you use to personalize your gifts come out of your budget as well.

5. Decide Between One Large Gift or a Gift Bag – If you are purchasing a jewelry item, a gift certificate or any other big item there is no need to add a gift bag unless it is in your budget.

6. Glam Without the Price Tag – Jewelry is a popular choice for bridesmaids’ gifts but can be quite expensive.  This is something else you can make yourself.  If you aren’t the crafty type find a friend or neighbor who is to help with ideas or even ask them to make the jewelry for you. Someone who does jewelry making as a hobby will already have many of the materials which means you don’t need to spend money on supplies you will never use again.  This way you can buy your crafty friend the materials needed to make your jewelry and tip them and still save money because you didn’t need to buy the tools of the trade.  Plus because they are more experienced you will have a better looking finished product. With that in mind…

7. Use All of Your Resources – Your friends may not be jewelry makers but everyone has a profession or a talent.  If you had a florist in the family you would probably try for a discount with their family right?  Well apply the same concept to discounts on your gifts for your bridesmaids and help with homemade gifts.  Homemade and personalized doesn’t have to mean you made it personally.

Gifts for your bridal party don’t have to be a huge expense.  You can give awesome gifts your girls will talk about and love without spending a fortune.