5 Wedding Beauty Tips – Donts

The most important part to be ready on your wedding day is your heart, that’s true. However, you want to make sure the rest of you is ready to be the center of attention. You will surely want to exude outward all those wonderful feelings you’re experiencing, and confidence in your appearance will certainly help.

We went ahead, and compiled some tips for you so that you may look just as beautiful and excited outside as you do in.

Nothing New

As we’ve mentioned before you do not want to make changes in the final countdown to the wedding. Any changes to hair color or skin regimen should be done about six weeks prior to the wedding day.  The same goes for trying out new beauty products and laundry detergent. Even if you have never had any adverse reactions to new products before, this is not the time you want to take a chance.

Keep up with your maintenance

Did you get the perfect eyebrow wax six weeks ago and then just forget about it? What about those split ends you’ve been growing for two months now? Be sure to keep up on tweezing, waxing, cuts and colors. We get it, wedding planning can become stressful and you may forget to keep up on things. However, you don’t want to be stuck in a bind and realize two days before the wedding that those brows are growing together.

Bloat Happens

As always drink your water and drink a lot. It helps reduce bloating and keeps your skin clear and glowing. Also steer clear of foods in high in sodium for a week or two prior to the big day. This includes sauces, dressings, and many of those processed “t.v.” dinners. (Yes, even the diet ones!) Sodium can hold up to fifty times it’s weight in water. So cutting it out can also add in losing those last three pounds.

Keep your hands to yourself

This goes for prior to the wedding day but counts double the day of. Your hands, no matter how much you wash them, are dirty you’ve been taught since you were a little girl. So naturally rubbing your face (ahem, your forehead in frustration over the seating chart) can cause breakouts. The day of, were more concerned with your wiping tears away. Will you cry on your wedding day? Yes, probably a little. So take care in dabbing and blotting tears (never rubbing) with a clean dry tissue every time.

Keep your pearly whites, white

Watch very closely your intake of foods that can stain and discolor teeth. Things like chocolate, tea, dark colas, wine, and some berries will dull your teeth as well. Unfortunately a favorite morning staple, coffee, is one of the worst culprits, so skip on that Columbian roast every morning in the final weeks before the big day. Also, if you can afford it, a trip to the dentist for a teeth whitening session is a great idea. If not whitening strips sold at your local drug store do a terrific job along with proper hygiene.

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