5 Reasons to Choose Online Wedding Invitations

1) Pick through millions of stylish mix and match invitations in your pjs! Why brave the stationery store when you can select from a wide range of online wedding invitations? Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home computer or (we won’t tell anyone!) at work.

2) No Pressure. It seems like all you have to do is utter the word “wedding” in a store and suddenly you are surrounded with a hoard of wedding vendor predators trying to cash in on your bridal bliss. When you buy wedding invitations online, you will not have to listen to any boring speeches about the “rare Alpacan paper” or other justifications for overpricing. You will not have to waste time nodding politely or being diplomatic. If a certain wedding invitation doesn’t appeal to you, just click out and move on!

3) It is easier to get the groom involved. Because they are traditionally associated with pastels and potpourri, it can be tough getting your guy to set foot in a stationery store. But snuggling up together in your office chairs, browsing through wedding invites on commercials while he watches the game…now that’s the kind of compromise good marriages are made of!

4) No hurry. On that note, if you do get your grumbling groom to a wedding invitation shop, this will most likely be your only chance to pick out invitations. Given the range of choices, this can be quite overwhelming and return policies on wedding invites are usually less than forgiving. With an online site, you can shop, mull, print out options, save favorites in a personal folder, come back…you get the idea! When you finally choose your wedding invitation, you’ll know it is the perfect one, not just some product of a rush decision.

5) No typos! One good thing about going through an online vendor rather than doing it yourself? No spelling or grammar errors glaring at you for all of your married life. Sure you’re a grammar goddess in your own right, but everyone’s been known to mix up “there” and “their” on occasion, especially under stress. The more advanced wedding invitation sites have a customization template where you just input your personal details and your beautifully worded invitation is created.

Spelling and other punctuation errors are embarrassing and tacky, and can overshadow even the most elegant design and expressions. Buying wedding invitations online means letting someone else worry about the basics so you can just focus on making your invites beautiful.