5 Foods to Avoid Before You Walk Down the Aisle

You have spent months, if not years, planning your wedding. You have envisioned every tiny little detail from the perfect elegant wedding invitation to every jeweled bobby pin in your hair. Nervousness, excitement, and all the other emotions you’ll experience on your big day are hard enough to endure, you don’t want to add to the problems by eating the wrong foods.  Keep them all to a minimum for at least a day or two before the wedding to help avoid nausea, an upset stomach and other problems on your wedding day.

Here is a short list of foods to avoid before your wedding:

1. Sodas and Carbonated Drinks. Soft drinks are the biggest thing for brides to avoid on the day of their wedding.  Avoiding them the day before is also a very good idea. Soft drinks can make you feel bloated, give you gas and cause belching.  None of those are very attractive on a bride.  Consider that you are already wearing a snug fitting piece of very expensive attire, bloating won’t help your wedding dress fit you any better.  Many soft drinks can also stain a wedding dress.  Even clear sugary drinks will leave stains in the long term.  So avoid soft drinks at least until after the ceremony.  And have your dress professionally cleaned to remove even the stains you can’t see.

2. Starchy Foods. Starches are also foods associated with bloating and gas. These may affect everyone differently.  Most brides will feel heavy and full from starches which is something to be avoided. Stay away from potatoes, pasta, and rice on the day of the wedding.  If you know they make you feel bloated, avoid them the day before as well. Corn and breads can have similar effects.  If you are planning on sandwiches for you and your attendants before the wedding try pita breads or wraps instead.

3. Caffeine. Caffeine reduces the amount of water in the body and can lead to dehydration during the ceremony.  Dehydration is often a cause of fainting at the altar. Water is the best thing to drink before your wedding. Avoid coffee, tea, sodas, energy bars, and other caffeinated products as much as possible. If you can’t do without your morning cup of coffee or energy bar, at least limit the amount you have that morning.

4. Spiced Foods. Spicy food can heat up your body and cause excessive sweating.  What bride wants to walk down the aisle sweating bullets?  Nerves may have you sweaty enough without the help of spicy foods.  Some spices can also cause gas, bloating and stomach upset.  Even foods you eat all the time may affect you differently on your wedding day because nerves already have your stomach and digestive system in knots.  Spices that aren’t interacting well with your digestive system may also lead to bad breath.  You don’t want your hubby to remember your awful breath during your first kiss as husband and wife.

5. Milk and Dairy Products. Milk, yogurt and other lactose containing products are another example of things that may react with your digestive system differently than they normally do on your big day. Nerves can do funny things with foods that you normally handle just fine.  Try to limit the amount of lactose and dairy you consume on your wedding day pre-ceremony.

What TO Eat

High protein and low fat rule for the day, well your wedding day that is.  You want to get your energy from protein and some carbohydrates.  Avoid getting your energy on your wedding morning from sugars.  The energy you get from sugar will be short lived and leave you feeling tired or sluggish soon after.  Remember the effects of many foods and their components will be intensified due to nerves.  Have a good, healthy breakfast.  Don’t skip eating all together no matter how nervous you are and drink water throughout the day.  You don’t want to have an empty stomach or feel dehydrated at the altar.  A fainting spell is probably not on your to do list on your wedding day.