2013 Groom Trends

groom trends logoI’ve been trying to catch up and give thought to what will be trending for the fellas this year and, as it seems, not all too much is changing.  While the new year may not call for drastic differences in mens wedding attire or traditions, we will see more modern and masculine refinement in 2013.  Some old and new trends to look forward to in the months ahead…

groom wedding trends: whiskey bars for the guys

Signature drinks are all well and good, but a full on whiskey bar will really get your guests going.

groom trends: cigars

With an Old Fashioned in hand, it seems only fitting to have a fine cigar in the other.

groom trends: bow ties

Worn well a bow tie will always be in style.  Likewise, a simple skinny tie will never tire.

Charcoal is the new black.  Fitted styles like this Vera Wang suit are both modern and timeless.

groom trends: wedding details, shoes, socks, accessories

It’s all in the details — personalize your style with funky shoes, bright socks, heirloom cufflinks, or your dad’s old hat.  All trends aside, the best way to look and feel your best on your wedding day, is to make it about you.

To keep up with the latest dude trends, check out Pinterest (which, by the way, is totally trending — grooms on Pinterest, it’s true!).

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