Monthly Archives: February 2013

Wedding DIY: Useful Decor + DIY Tips

Almost six whole months of wedded bliss have passed and I’m still cleaning up and packing away wedding decor.  Maybe that’s not something I should readily admit, but it’s true.  So much preparation goes into creating the perfect day and, afterward, relaxation is a wonderful reward.  Also, we’ve been quite busy as newlyweds, looking for
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Beauty: Skin Care Tips – Part 2

Now that the “how to take care of the inside” has been established it’s time for you to deliberate and decide on what type of skin you have. Is it on the oily side? Dry all the time? Super sensitive? Even if it is all of the above, we have some tips for you. Cleanser: We
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Wedding Colors: Smokin’ Berry

We love this smokin’ hot color combination of smoke, berry, and amethyst!  A mix of these hues are great for a wedding of any season. Pictured:  Diamond Printing Paper  |  Driftwood Shimmer Paper   |  Berry Shimmer Paper  |  Lilac, Berry, & Smoke Inks  |  Amethyst Satin Ribbon  |  Amethyst Crystal  |  CS8 Font Because colors
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Bridal Advice: Wedding Planners… Are They For Me?

Pros, Cons and Tips on Choosing a Coordinator, or Choosing to Do It Yourself This isn’t a simple yes or no question.  There are many positive things about using a wedding planner or coordinator.  The biggest negative can be cost.  There are also planners on all levels. Some wedding planners are full service coordinators who
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Beauty: Skin Care Tips – Part 1

One of the keys to a beautiful wedding day look is beautiful skin. Not all of us have been blessed with that flawless airbrushed look skin we see on the faces of brides in magazines. So it is important to have a healthy beauty routine. One that you know you can follow. It is equally
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Real Stationery Photos: Embrace

With swirly lines and charming script, this popular TGK design is easy to love.  Isn’t it sweet? Pictured:  Embrace wedding invitation with seafoam and navy inks.

New Design: Petals

All of us ‘Roos are ready for spring… or at least warmer weather! Surely Summer and Fall brides are thinking ahead, too! This week’s new design is bright and alive, like the coming seasons. With an abstract botanical pattern full of movement, the Petals Wedding Invitation is perfect for those who don’t have a specific
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