After Engagement

Congratulations! You’re engaged!! …Now what?

Your wedding will be a joyous and exciting time to be sure, but the planning process can be long and overwhelming to say the least. Our wedding planning timeline is meant to be a general guide for keeping you on track. Every wedding, and every bride, will be different, so feel free to modify this guide so it works for you! Based on tradition, we’ve given our guide a 1-year time frame, so adjust up or down accordingly.

Brides…Start Your Planning!

  1. Spread the Word! 

    Announce your engagement to your family and friends, either with an engagement party or by word of mouth. Consider placing an announcement article in your local newspaper. Create a wedding web site which you can continue to update as you nail down wedding details.

    • Tip: There are many wedding web site companies out there, ranging from free to costly. Be sure to shop around. Also think about whether you want the whole world to have access to your site, or whether you want to password protect it for only your guests.
  2. Imagine Your Dream WeddingWhether or not you’ve been dreaming about wedding day details since you were a little girl, your first step is to think about what you want out of your wedding day. Barefoot on the beach? Traditional chapel? Extravagent or intimate? Don’t get stuck on the details yet – just think “big picture” at this point. Share your ideas with your husband-to-be, and be sure to get an understanding of his wants and needs (it is his day, too!)
    • Tip: Start an “ideas” notebook you can use to jot down random ideas, rip out magazine articles and paste pictures or samples. Don’t “edit” now – just start grabbing anything that appeals to you. We’ve compiled an article full of ideas like this one if you are looking for inspiration?

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