Why You Should Add A Signature Symbol To Your Wedding Invitations

Simpler than an embellishment and more memorable than a ribbon, a tiny symbol added to the design of your wedding invitations can be just the extra touch your invites need. A tiny design topping your wedding invitations will make them stand out, and it’s easy to tie in with your wedding theme!

Flowers are a simple and sweet way to accent wedding invitations whether you’re throwing a garden wedding or you’re just a fan of flora. It’s easy to find a tiny emblem you like, too, whether you favor roses, daisies, or something more exotic, and it ties easily into a wedding theme featuring that same flower.

Beach weddings do well with shells (especially the circular sand dollar), while winter weddings match up with snowflakes and summer weddings can feature cute sun designs. Quirkier couples may favor an animal or another joint purchase – for the recently shacked up, perhaps a small house? Parents can indicate a child-friendly wedding with a picture of a tiny tot on their wedding invitations.

Do you lean more towards the classics? No one ever argued with intertwined initials of first names, whether it’s just your first name initials or you connect them with the new surname in the middle.

If you land on a design you really like for your wedding invitations, you can even incorporate it further into your wedding in unexpected places. Keep it a theme throughout by imprinting it on your guestbook or wedding program, or have napkins rings or flower ties specially printed with your emblem. Creating continuity throughout your wedding makes the effort seem extra special, just like your day should be!