Where to Hold the Ceremony?

During ancient times, the most sacred place for a wedding was someplace created by nature, like a hilltop or a mountainside where heaven and earth meet.  As people came to believe in one deity, they built houses of worship, and their sacred places came to include those churches, cathedrals, temples and synagogues.  The bride and groom of today have many locations to choose from.  Consider the following before you commit to one of the “typical” churches or temples.

Apple Orchard Greenhouse
Aquarium Historic Battlegrounds or Memorial Site
Art Gallery Lighthouse
Baseball Field (or other sports arena) Museum
Beach Observatory
Castle, Estate or Mansion Luxury Hotel
Country Inn Plantation
Concert Hall Pier or Waterfront Park
College or University Chapel Ranch
Farmhouse Scenic Mountain Resort
Garden Ship, Boat or Yacht

Let the place that you select reflect something personal about you and your groom.  If you are both avid campers and love the outdoors, make arrangements with your local forest preserve.  If you love going to the races, try booking the local race track.  If you are interested in literature, check out you local library.  The sky is the limit; use your imagination.  Let your interests lead you somewhere very special.

Some of the options listed will depend on the weather and the time of year.  If Mother Nature smiles down on you, unique sites such as these can be very memorable for all who attend.  It should go without saying, that for any outdoor site, you will need a backup plan, just in case of inclement weather.  Renting a large white tent to be set up on the property will add just one more touch of visual appeal to any outdoor venue.

Hosting your wedding reception at the same place where the wedding is held is not only very convenient for everyone involved, but it is also a great way to trim expenses.  Chances are, you will pay a somewhat higher fee for the nontraditional venue, compared to a local church, but it may save you from renting a hall or banquet room for the reception.

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