When It’s Time For Wedding Invitations, Sit Down At Your Desk In Style

Don’t just scatter wedding invitations and envelopes around the kitchen table when it’s time to address them, create a serene workspace with pretty desk accessories! Get in a zen space by reading a bit before you start, then mark your place and get down to work. If you don’t want to get labels printed, at least pretty up your envelopes with mailing labels – they might not make all that addressing easier, but at least they’re pretty.

So the wedding theme fever’s got us; we have a yen for color-coordinated accessory goodness, and it doesn’t just stop once the wedding invitations are sealed and delivered. Once the wedding is over, you might find that you’ve missed some of those friends and family members you haven’t seen in awhile, so why not send them a letter? Use your leftover address labels, or when you’re sending your thank you notes, add in a special note just for them.

One thing we’ve learned as brides is that wedding inspiration might strike at any minute, and you have to be prepared for that sort of thing! A great way to deal with this is to have notepaper available wherever you are, from the office to the kitchen. Stick a kitchen list pad onto the fridge so you’ll have a place to note down whatever comes to mind, whether it’s a flash of inspiration about wedding invitations or tomorrow’s dinner.

Jot down your notes so you don’t forget that genius revelation regarding custom wedding invitations. If you’re truly hardcore about it, get a whole notebook set so you’re never without a place to jot down notes! One that even has graph paper inside for feverish designing of wedding cakes and other architectural marvels.

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