What To Do With Your Wedding Invitations

If you’ve clicked to read this blog, you probably think you know the answer already: if you have wedding invitations, send them! But as the summer sidles closer, you may not be the only one headed into wedded bliss. In fact, you may just be one of a few in your group of friends!

So, how to handle the pile of wedding invitations on your desk? If you’re a scrapbooker, you may already be prepared with albums, accessories, and little speech bubble stickers to chronicle each happy event. For those of you who aren’t, though, read on for tips on what to do with your wedding invitations!

Even if you lack the devotion necessary for a proper scrapbook, you can create the fun feel of one by fancying up a few pages in your photo album. This generally works best with full page photo album with sticky pages and peel back see-through covers, so you can set your memories neatly in place and be confident that they’ll stay there without worrying about gluing things in place. Once you have one of those, just gather the wedding invitations and other memorabilia and get creative!

Each page can cover one wedding, and since the dates aren’t usually sandwiched close together (if you’re lucky), you can easily do one page at a time after each wedding. Start with the wedding invitations, and from there add on any other mementos of the occasion: a picture or two of the happy couple, a bit of lace from one of the favors, plane ticket stubs if you had to fly out for the wedding. Press a petal or two from one of the flowers if you grabbed one, or even include a swatch from your bridesmaid dress if you were given the honor.

If you had an extra from your own wedding, make a scrapbook page all for you! If you have a few more, two or three extra wedding invitations can make for a fun look added into picture frames on the walls. At least you’ll be able to decorate with them, rather than letting them pile up around the house!