What Goes In the Wedding Day Survival Kit: Maintenance Aids and Toiletries

Maintenance Aids and Toiletries

Straws – Lipstick will suffer less damage from drinks if all the ladies drink through a straw. They also help reduce the likelihood of spills.

Extra Earring Backs and Necklace Extenders – Earring backs are easily lost and not everyone tries on their jewelry before the wedding.

Lip Balm – Being nervous can lead to dry mouth and in turn dry lips.  Moisturizing lips before applying lip color will help prevent the caking and flaking that can happen when lip color is applied to dry lips.

Nail Glue – Have nail glue on hand for any last minute breaks or chips.

Mini Hairspray – Having a small can of hairspray on hand can be invaluable for last minute touch ups to hairstyles.

Mini Body Spray – A fresh burst of scent can calm nerves and is great to have at the reception when the bride has been moving around in a heavy dress and extra undergarments all day.

Travel Sized Deodorant – Have a small deodorant on hand for last minute touch ups before going down the aisle.  Use a gel or a deodorant that is known not to stain.  Even if the dress is white the bride can mark up the groom or other guests when giving hugs.

Lotion – Using lotion before any close up pictures of hands can add a nice, subtle shimmer.  Plus no one likes dry hands.

Breath Mints – Have breath mints on hand for a little boost of confidence and in case anyone’s breath didn’t take too well to that wonderful garlic sauce you served on the pasta.

Bobby Pins and Hair Pins – These are great for last minute hair fixes. Also if the bride takes out her veil or tiara for the reception they may be needed to control any stray pieces that removing the head pieces may have disturbed.

Hair Ties – Have hair ties on hand so people who wore their hair down can pull it up as the party gets going.  Long hair may make people hot and stop them from dancing unless they can pull it back.

Basic Manicure Kit – Having nail clippers and a nail file on hand will be much appreciated if a bridesmaid chips a nail or breaks one incompletely.

Cotton Swabs – These are great to use for makeup removal, touch ups and first aid.

Remover Wipes – Makeup remover wipes are quick and convenient for removing smudges of makeup and smeared color.  Nail polish remover wipes can remove smudged polish quickly allowing the bride or bridesmaid to quickly retouch her nails.

Floss Picks/Toothpicks – These are necessary for smile spot checks to be sure everyone looks their best for all the pictures that will be taken.  Consider placing some in the bathroom toiletry baskets.

Feminine Products – Stress can do funny things to a woman’s cycle.  Be prepared with sanitary products.

Lens Solution/Eye Drops – Even the calmest and most level headed brides may cry at their weddings.  Some extra lens solution for contacts and drops for red eye may come in handy.

Bug Repellent/Sunblock – These are great to keep guests protected at outdoor weddings.

Aloe Vera Gel – Use this to treat the sunburn of guests who didn’t take advantage of the sunblock.

Wrinkle Release Spray – Downy makes a good spray that comes in convenient travel sizes. These can do wonders for static cling and on fabrics that may not take well to a last minute ironing.

An Umbrella – An umbrella with a cute pattern that complements the wedding décor can be used to block sun or rain. Not only will this be an added comfort but it can prevent damage to expensive attire.

A Brush and Comb – Use these for maintenance. As the day goes on, the bride or other guests may need touch ups to keep the pictures from the end of the day looking as good as the earlier pictures.

Consider these and any other items you can think of to pack a little emergency kit for the wedding day.  Have a separate kit for the guys and girls and have someone keep it in their car during the ceremony and reception in case it is needed.  Having these things and not needing them is better than needing them and wishing you had made an emergency kit.

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