Wedding Trend Watch 2012- Wedding Favors, Gifts and Courtesy Items

Wedding favors are as varied a wedding trend as they come.  There are thousands of options available and so many variations on many of the options it can be one of the more difficult choices for brides and grooms to make.  Each year a few items stand out as with everything.

Bathroom Baskets- Bathroom baskets at the reception are an old courtesy and tradition. Any cute basket or container filled with some lotions, spritzes, teeth wipes, alcohol pads, a small sewing kit and other just in case items does the trick.

Out of Town Welcome Bags- Out of town guests may not know the area or have been able to pack many extras.  Some brochures on the area and little extras like flip flops for by the pool are usually included but right now adding edibles is a newer trend.  Jars containing all you need to make ice cream or hot chocolate are nice additions.  Coupons and gift cards to local eateries also do the trick.

Return to Favor Boxes- Brides and grooms have gotten very creative with how to display favors over the years.  This year will see a return to the pre-made wedding favor boxes and favor tags with cute sayings or the names of the couple and the date of the wedding or both!

Items Over Candy- Meaningful items like honey and honey scented things with tags that say “Bee Mine” and coffee themed items tagged “The Perfect Blend” will win out over candy favors for many brides and grooms to ensure guests have a keepsake they actually take home!

Personalization Still Has Full Steam- Whether it be wedding favor tags, monograms or something really personal to the couple, personalization will still really shine when it comes to gifts and favors.  With so many returns to classics and vintage styles this year favors and gifts are still a place that brides and grooms intend to let their individuality shine.

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