Wedding Trend Watch 2012 – Unique Send-Offs

So many brides have worried about whether or not throwing rice is the best send-off for them. As many have worried about what if any ill consequences this could have for our feathered bird friends. More yet have opted to throw birdseed; however picking that out of your clothes can be uncomfortable at the very least.

Bubbles seem to be a popular trend over recent years yet we’ve all seen how they almost always end up in only the hands of all the children.

Simply as an effort to keep them occupied, we’ve covered the new yay flags before. These small wooden skewers with paper cutouts reading yay! adhered to them for all of your guests to wave as you exit are very popular.

Also, some brides are choosing to have small dowels with brightly colored ribbons adhered to the top for the guests to wave around providing you with a very colorful getaway. Last but not least, don’t forget these small accessories can double as favors!

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