Wedding Trend Watch 2012 – Hairstyles, Hair Pieces and Head Pieces

Hair trends change every year so it is no surprise that wedding hair trends and hair piece trends also change. Here is a look at what hair styles, hair pieces and head pieces are making a splash for 2012.

Keep it simple, the new sexy- Gone are the days of tons of hairspray and countless bobby pins. A simple look says so much and keeps the focus on the bride and not her hair. Think simple and sweet girl next door. Hairstyles that require little effort, or at least look like they require little effort speak volumes.

Ponytails with glam- Ponytails that sit down and to the side with a flower or other fascinator are making a big splash. Add some tousled waves for a gorgeous and fresh look.

Wear your hair down- Skip the bobby pins completely and just wear hair completely down in either tousled waves or well straightened for a sleek and sexy look. Even straight hair should be straightened for this look. Use a thermal protectant and straighten the entire head of hair in very small sections for a sleek look.

Updos without the veil- Classic wedding updos will never go away. So how do you keep them fresh and updated? Right now brides are ditching veils completely when sporting updos. Why not make sure everyone can see all the gorgeous details instead of having them hidden by a veil?

Fascinators instead of veils- For the brides who want a little extra special sparkle and glam but don’t want to go the route of a veil fascinators are a wonderful option. Feathers, flowers and jeweled fascinators are very popular. Birdcage veil style fascinators are also still trending.

New hairstyles for the reception- Brides are taking the time between the ceremony and reception to switch hairstyles. Simple pulling down and updo and fluffing the curls can make for a quick and simple hairstyle change. Discuss options with the hairdresser at the hair trial or pay a little extra to have the stylist stick around.

A lot of trending things are often combined and this coming year’s new wedding hairstyle trends are no exception. Add a fascinator to loose curls in a hairstyle that is completely down for a sweet touch of glam. The important thing is to choose a hairstyle that makes the bride feel beautiful!