Wedding Trend Watch 2012 – Do It Yourself

Do it yourself has always been something that has a strong base and lots of resources. Downturns in the economy tend to have more and more people turning to do it yourself items. What is worth doing it yourself and what is best left to the experts?
The pros and cons of friends as vendors- Some people are lucky enough to have friends that DJ, are crafty with flower arrangements or even friends who are skilled seamstresses. The benefit is saving a ton of money, the downside is it can strain a relationship if something goes seriously wrong.
Don’t overwhelm yourself- Do it yourself projects are time intensive and can be daunting. Take on only one or two projects at first and see how much time is really available.
Be realistic about the time things take- Do it yourself invitations aren’t simply a matter of type and print. Most home printers cannot create the look many brides desire. It can take hours to evenly space and give the type the correct orientation for the uninitiated. Putting together live flower arrangements at the last minute is also no easy task. Take on tasks where the end result will be acceptable and the project stays fun.
Stick to things that aren’t on a timer- Do silk flower arrangements that can be made in advance. Things that have to be done by a set date or cannot be completed until right before the wedding, often add unneeded stress.
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