Wedding Theme Inspiration – Our Love is Blooming

The theme of every wedding is the love between the couple getting married. The colors of invitations, table linens and menu choices are just the way they choose to represent that love. That said there is often a theme of some sort to most weddings. Simple themes seem to be trending. Why not try a blooming love theme?

It always starts with the invitations- Blooming invitations are a cinch! Simply order pre-made blooms in the desired color and put the invite information on a piece of ivory (or other color) card stock. Secure the card stock to the bloom, fold and place it in the envelope. Voila! Gorgeous “blooming” invitation!

Say it with blooms- The real kind that is! Ask the florist to create arrangements with flowers in various states of bloom. Include tightly closed blooms straight to fully open flowers.

Use romantic details- Flowers can always be found in the details. Choose lace for a dress with a flower motif or give all of the bridesmaids flowered headbands or cosmetic blooms. The possibilities are endless for this theme.

Take it to the favors- Earth friendly favors are all the rage. Contribute to a green charity in the name of guests or provide seed packet favors so as guests watch their flowers and plants bloom they can be reminded of the day they shared watching you commit to forever tending the bloom of your love with your spouse.