Wedding Ring Alternatives

Traditionally, the diamond is the expected gem used in an engagement ring. Diamonds are very beautiful gems, but many couples opt for gems with more personal meaning such as a birthstone or favorite gem. Opals and pearls are also striking. You may like the idea of using the settings from an heirloom ring and replacing the stone with one of your choice. There might be the opportunity to use either the bride or groom’s parents’ rings if they have been replaced with new sets. Some couples so this in honor of a milestone anniversary. The daughter, or son, could use their parent’s original rings and perhaps begin a special family tradition.

If your engagement ring must be a diamond, then by all means, find the perfect stone, and then the setting. Living near a large city, such as Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, you will have access to several businesses that specialize in these services. If that is not possible, shop at the local, reputable jewelry stores in your area and select the ring together.

The solitaire cut diamond is the most popular choice for brides today. It is a classic. But, the marquis cut, tear drop and pear cut stones are also very fashionable. Your choice of precious metal for the setting should be based on the color of the majority of jewelry you already own. Yellow gold is the traditional color of settings, but white gold and platinum are becoming more and more popular.

Ultimately, your engagement ring should be a very special piece of jewelry that you will be comfortable wearing for the rest of your life. Select a ring that reflects your personality, and one that makes you smile each time you look at it. If you opt for a unique stone or setting, be assured that you will receive your fair share of comments, remarks and questions. If you are the type of woman to select a non-traditional ring, you will welcome the interest it creates.

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