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wedding planning apps - iphoneThere’s an app for that!  The line is a bit of a joke now, but for busy brides on-the-go, knowing there really is an app for that can be a relief.  Even the best wedding planning applications aren’t going to replace having an actual coordinator, but for DIY gals working with a small budget smartphone apps can be a very resourceful and reassuring tool to have in your pocket.  In fact, I have a whole folder dedicated to them!

Between the galleries and the checklists, wedding related apps can keep you inspired and organized while preparing for your big day.  Most will also allow you to access your information online, so whether you’re at home or out and about you can make the most of your resources.

the knot wedding planning apps

The Knot has a few apps available, of which I use two: The Ultimate Wedding Planner and Wedding 911.  The first helps keep me on track and the second answers all of the questions I never even knew I had.

vera wang on weddings appwedding wire wedding planning appWedding Wire is another excellent resource with an app available for download.  I’ve actually been checking off lists throughout a few of my apps.  If you use multiples, you’ll realize they are all set up a bit differently, so I’d like to think I’m covering all my bases — and it feels nice to check something off that long list of to-dos!

Vera Wang on Weddings was just recently launched in February and quickly became a favorite.  How can you not love looking at all of those lovely gowns?!  And there aren’t only gowns to lust over, but many other beautiful images as well, among other helpful aspects.

Do you have a favorite wedding app helping to keep you sane?

All apps mentioned are free for download — so what are you waiting for?!  Have fun with them.  Happy planning!

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