Wedding Photographers by Budget

I value my time. Like many of us, my time is my most precious resource.  So much so, that I’m often thinking of ways I can accomplish my tasks faster, better, and more efficiently.

Mike Rheaume and Reid Warner had a similar thought process.  When Reid was engaged to be married in 2007, he and his fiance spent countless hours researching wedding photographers and meeting with them – only to find out they were out of their price range.  Why didn’t they ask about prices up front?  Well, turns out, money is a sensitive subject.  For many independent artists and professionals, they prefer to meet with you, bond with you, and then sign the contracts. By no means am I implying that wedding photographers are out to get you, or that they have any intention to make you spend more than you want.  However, it is much more difficult to say “no” to someone you’ve bonded with and actually like, such as your new-bestie-who-also-happens-to-be-a-wedding-photographer… especially if it’s over a beer.

snapknot wedding photography by budget

As responsible consumers who value their time, Mike and Reid came up with SnapKnot.  SnapKnot focuses purely on serving up local and regional photographers in the area you specify, based on the BUDGET you specify.  Got that?  You tell SnapKnot how much you want to spend (or the range that you are comfortable with) and they tell you what professionals in your area fall within your price range.

It’s simple, straightforward, and genius.

Good job, guys.


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