Wedding Invitations: Why Customize?

Customized wedding invitations are the opposite of cookie-cutter invites. These personalized wedding invitations are a definite craze, but why the popularity? The short answer is that couples got tired of sending out the same narrow range of invitations, and the stationery industry saw the need for a new niche.

The longer explanation is that customized wedding invitations reflect a shift in the general wedding culture, which is placing more of an emphasis on unique style and personal expression. Now that couples are getting married older and have already attended countless weddings, they don’t want to go for the generic experience, but want to put some personal spice into their ceremony. And that’s exactly what customized wedding invitations accomplish.

For example, customized wedding invitations can mean choosing your own ink color, thermography style, paper and card stock, or all of the above. Instead of a few invitations featuring the same heavy font and a standard inscription, couples can now choose from vibrant colors, multi-layered invitations, and incorporate their own personal wording.

The reason why this new invite is so popular is because couples want to feel like their wedding invitation is a personal reflection of their relationship, not just a corny box of cards from the Hallmark half-off bin.

Also, even though customized wedding invites provide almost limitless possibilities, online stationery stores make the actual purchase process less overwhelming than picking your invitations out at the store. Online stores have such a streamlined system now that it is actually less stressful to buy off the web, where the process is more sequential and you are able to see exactly what you are paying for and adjust as needed. The step-by-step process makes customizing fun and relaxing because you don’t have to make every single decision at once or under pressure. The bottom line? Whether your invitation taste is quirky or classic, customized wedding invitations are a great way to combine professional quality with a personal touch.