Wedding Invitations to Match Your Dress

Do the words mix and match make you cringe in horror? If you’re the coordinated type, show off your impressive matching skills with a complete wedding theme that stretches from the dress to the bridesmaids, flowers, tablecloths, and even wedding invitations!

If you favor classic silver over gold, reflect that with silver-trimmed wedding invitations. Sleek silver accents give any wedding an extra air of sophistication, and they’re easy to integrate with the theme! Ensure that all the cutlery is shining silver, from the forks and knives to the pitchers of water, and add in pretty accents with silver or platinum jewelry for yourself and your bridesmaids.

With their pleasing shape and sweet scent, lilies are always in fashion as wedding decor. If you’ve selected calla lilies as your bloom of choice, bring that graceful silhouette from the beginning with Calla Lily Border wedding invitations. Have a few in each vase at every table, and carry a gorgeous bouquet of them to complete your wedding look!

Is ivory satin more your speed? Gold-trimmed Cream Gatefold wedding invitations easily match the sleek look of traditional wedding trousseau. For classic luxury, nothing beats stunning off-white satin, whether you choose cream, ecru, or vanilla as the color of your wedding gown color.

If you think outside the box, fret not! For those who eschew shades of white, take a look through MyGatsby’s selection of Mix ‘n Match wedding invitations. From jewel tones to pastels, you’ll easily find the shade to match your dress, your flowers, or even just your favorite color!

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