Wedding Invitations: The Popularity Contest

As long as there are bestsellers, there’s going to be accompanying debate about what truly constitutes quality in mass-marketed products. From Beanie Babies to that singing trout sign everyone had to have back in the late nineties, fad items come and go – but one thing you can be sure of is that when it comes to must-have items like wedding invitations, you can trust the popular vote. Unlike prom dresses, no matter which wedding invitations you choose, you’re unlikely to end up in an awkward matching situation, so don’t fret. Take a look at some of our bestsellers and see if you find the right ones for you!

When it comes right down to it, the simple and traditional look often wins out over more heavily embellished designs, and wedding invitations are no different. These classic Folio wedding invitations are always a hit, with space for all the information you need to communicate inside, as well as a convenient pocket for RSVP cards and all the rest. You can even mix it up a little bit with Vertical Folio wedding invitations.

There’s something to be said for a simple printed card when it comes to your wedding invitations – you have enough space to get in all the essential information your guests need to be there on-time with bells on, all without any extra fuss. If you’re having a more casual affair, reflect that with popular invites like our Layla wedding invitations. Everything is included, from envelopes to response cards, so not only will the wedding invitations themselves be all simplicity, the process of purchasing them will be too. Want just a little more decoration? Try these Hydrangea wedding invitations if you’re florally inclined.