Wedding Invitations Inspired by Your Engagement Ring

Think your only wedding invitation option is the regular old rectangle? You couldn’t be more wrong! Dare to break away from the square! Allow your wedding invitations to sing with circles, ovals, and other shapes to echo that new ring!

Are you a classic lady with a timeless princess cut sparkler? Prefer the shimmery opulence of an emerald diamond? Some say that the shape of your diamond speaks volumes about your personality. We’re not sure about that…but we are sure that whatever attracted you and your honey to that one-of-a-kind rock might say a lot about what wedding invitations will work best for you.

Round is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. And of all the rounds, the round brilliant cut ranks number one. When it comes to your invitations, you can keep things classic with basic circles or layered circles. And, why not continue the theme with RSVP cards, direction cards, etc. in circles or ovals of all sizes? These 5×5 Multi Panel Circle Wedding Invitations (no longer available) come with a hole punched through the top…so you can thread various elements together with the ribbon of your choice…adding one more level of dimension to your already totally unique invitations.

Oval-shaped diamonds are another popular choice for engagement rings…as well as wedding invitations! These elegant ovals panels and multi-panel oval invitations (no longer available) allow you to incorporate the ribbon of your choice. Don’t forget oval enclosure cards and thank you notes to complete the theme!

Square and rectangular diamond shapes include princess cut, emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds. These shapes also just so happen to be the most traditional shapes for wedding invitations, so you’ll have plenty of options should you decide to take the 4-sided route. Consider the timeless Heather Wedding Invitations, Josie 3-layer Square Invitations, or Nancy Invitations.

Chances are your diamond is colorless; your invitations most definitely don’t have to be! Colors are important because they express your spirit and give your invitations a unique style. With over 90 paper colors and 24 ink colors, Mix ‘n Match wedding invitations allow you to customize your colors to your hearts content. Choose your favorite color combination from our hundreds of choices.