Wedding Invitations for the Fire and Ice Wedding

If you’re searching for a fun wedding theme for an opposites-attract marriage, try the daring and feisty fire and ice theme. A color palette of warm oranges and reds contrasted with icy blues and whites highlights this cool and clever theme, and works fantastically well when combined with elements like a hot and cold buffet and cornerstone decor of candles and ice sculptures. You can easily get your wedding invitations in on the fun, too!

Of course the easiest way to communicate a theme like this with your wedding invitations is through color, but since you lack the space you’ll have with the entire ceremony theme, it’s better to pair up colors that flatter each other. This time, skip out on the deep orange and frosty blue in favor of a more complimentary (but still in-theme!) pairing like bright red and sky blue.

If that’s not enough of a commitment to the theme for you, consider pairing those colors in these 6×6 Jacket Wedding Invitations (no longer available). There’s a small window in the corner of each, perfect for showcasing the date or a monogram, so how about pairing an icy blue jacket with a tiny red flame showing through the window? It’s a fun way to hint at the theme before going all-out at the wedding itself!

Rather keep it simple? Try red text on a blue layer backed by another red layer with these 5×7 Madison 2-Layer Wedding Invitations, or a light blue jacket accented with a deep red ribbon with 5×7 Jacket Wedding Invitations. Now defrost, darling!