Wedding Invitations for Kid-Friendly Weddings

Maybe you grew up in a big family. Maybe you and he already have children of your own. Whatever your reasoning, you’re part of a trend! Kid-friendly weddings are increasingly acceptable in this day and age. Leave behind the silent church halls and quiet receptions of the past and embrace your family and friends of all ages with a kid-friendly wedding. Your family members will be thrilled, and you may get to see younger relatives you don’t often have a chance to connect with! Your friends who are parents will love it, too. Now all you need are kid-friendly wedding invitations!

Herald the important of the younger members of your wedding party right off the bat with our Children of the Inner Light wedding invitations. They picture a whimsical bride and groom, so your invitees will be able to see right off that children are not only welcomed, but included. If you want more of your younger relatives in the wedding, you could even consider a junior bridesmaid or groomsman.

The easiest way to ensure people know that your wedding is kid-friendly is simply to include the children’s names on the wedding invitation envelopes. If you’re making special accommodations for your kid-friendly wedding, perhaps with a children’s table or play area, don’t be afraid to include that on the map or directions card! Depending on the number of your wedding guests and your budget, you might even want to have a special wedding cake made just for the kids.

With a kid-friendly theme, you want to make sure to go with colors that match the mood. This is no time for somber dulled pastels or stark ivory – bring a little wit to the occasion with the brightest shades you can find! Try fun shades of blue or green as accents to your wedding hall decor. To get your guests in the mood, send out invitations like these Bloom Square wedding invitations or Classic Square Folio wedding invitations. When the fun starts with the wedding invitations, your guests will know they’re in for a fabulous family-friendly time!