Wedding Invitations For Every Type of Wedding: Very Formal Wedding Invitations

When you’re having a very formal wedding, you want to make sure that everyone knows right from the beginning. Your guests should be given the maximum amount of time possible to find appropriate clothing. With the right planning, your guests will probably be able to figure out how formal your wedding’s going to be based on where it’s held. A wedding held a cathedral or impressive hotel is probably going to be a tip-off as to the formality of the event.

Since it’s generally not recommended that you put “black tie” or any other indication of wedding dress on your wedding invitations, you’ll want to rely on word of mouth to get the information out. This can be done subtly, and even used as time to multi-task and mention where you’re registered. Since very formal wedding generally consist of 200+ guests, you’ll want to be strategic as to whom you choose to call. If you’re bringing in multiple people from around the country, try and nail down the social center of each geographical area – for example, if you have a pocket of relatives in the south, call your grandmother, favorite aunt, or just the cousin everyone sees around, and mention the information as you chat. This will make it so that the information is spread by the people that will likely be discussing your wedding.

Of course, one of the best ways to let people know you’re having a very formal wedding is to make sure the wedding invitations absolutely reflect that. Large engraved wedding invitations are the order of the day here. Now’s the time to go for the elaborate, beautiful invitations of your dreams, so go all out! Try the selection offered by Anna Griffin Invitations, featuring gorgeous florals, ribbons, and the loveliest formal presentation in classic colors like cream and platinum.

If your idea of formal is less floral, try these Gate Folio Pocket wedding invitations. You’ll be able to choose the colors you like, matching your wedding’s color theme, and these invitations are available engraved for that extra touch of class.