Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Semi-Formal

So you’ve decided to skip out on the frills and floor-length frocks of a formal wedding. You might think this excuses you from many of the excesses of planning for a formal wedding, from enormous bouquets of flowers to elaborate wedding invitations, and in some ways, it certainly does! However, it also may open up a whole extra field of possibilities, leaving you wondering where exactly the lines are drawn when it comes to creating a semi-formal wedding that’s neither overly formal nor way too casual.

With semi-formal weddings, the trick is to keep in mind the dress code when you’re making your plans. Daytime weddings call for short dresses or skirts for the guests, while evening semi-formal weddings demand cocktail dresses. Now just take that mindset and apply it to your wedding invitations! Think of the type of invitations you’d use to invite guests to a fun daytime celebration or a classy cocktail party, and adapt those ideas to your invites.

Chelsea Wedding Invitations

For something simple and sweet, try these Wedding Ring Column invitations. Decorated with a little icon of a wedding ring and a box, these wedding invitations bring a charming spirit to your nuptials, but still keep the slight formality with the festive silver diagonal jacket.

For a quirky daytime wedding, you can get away with exciting colors and patterns like the ones on these Bride & Groom 6×9 Double-Sided wedding invitations. With yellow swirls and the groom carrying the bride, these invitations bring a sense of excitement and fun to the proceedings.

Go floral with Hydrangea Square Panel wedding invitations. Simple and pretty, they get the message across spangle-free but still joyfully with a burst of blossoms in the corner, for a lovely look that doesn’t overwhelm.

Don’t want the guests to get the wrong idea and wear jeans to your event? Perish the thought, and solve the problem with Square Tri-Fold Daisy wedding invitations. Daisy-bedecked but still in solid white, these wedding invitations bridge the divide between floral fabulousness and wedding white, so you’ll get the perfect nicely-dressed audience for your semi-formal wedding!


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