Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Outdoor

It’s the season for it – from spring through to early fall, outdoor weddings come back into vogue in more temperate climates. Since the beach wedding is already a well-trodden path of sand (consult the archives for tips on beach wedding invitations), we’ll focus more on choosing the appropriate wedding invitations for an outdoor wedding that takes place somewhere farther from shore. For outdoor wedding we favor gardens, whether they’re in a lovely backyard or estate or in an alternate setting like a country club.

And what do you find in gardens? Flowers, of course. For a garden wedding, we love wedding invitations bordered with blossoms, whether you go for bright tangling vines edging your invites or a simple embossed border of blooms. The simplest outdoor wedding would be well served by lovely white Embossed Flower Border wedding invitations, with their subtly pretty echoes of baby blossoms. You can get slightly bolder but still represent the white wedding with Shimmery Pale Blue wedding invitations, a shinier take on the simple concept of a one-shade bordered invitation.

If you favor certain types of flowers, keep a lookout for wedding invitations with specific blossoms like pretty pink roses or calla lilies. Match your wedding invitations to the flora by incorporating these blossoms into your ceremony, whether it’s via sugar roses on your wedding cake or garlands of your favorite flowers circling the table centerpieces. If simple wildflowers are more your speed than cultivated flower shop bouquets, bring that simplicity in with colored flower wedding invitations.

Not into flowers, but still want to get a touch of nature into your invites? Add pressed leaves from the aspen or Japanese maple. These look lovely accenting simple single panel wedding invitations in shades of grass green or sky blue.

Whether you go floral or not, remember that simplicity is key. You’re already shirking stained glass and high ceilings for green grass and endless skies, so make sure your wedding invitations reflect that choice, and skip the ribbons and lace for the type of restrained loveliness your outdoor wedding will echo.