Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Garden

There’s a reason garden weddings have been in fashion forever. If you get married in fine weather, you’ll practically be guaranteed gorgeous pictures, and you’ll get all the benefits of a beautiful, unique setting without the expense of a destination wedding. And if you’re already shopping for wedding invitations, you’ve got plenty of options!

If you’re getting married in a themed garden where a certain flower is planted in excess, keep the theme going by adding pressed flowers to your wedding invitations. Whether your free-spirited garden spills over with daisies or has neat rows of larkspur, you can find the tiny dried flowers that’ll serve as an early hint as to the setting that awaits your wedding guests.

When you’re going for flower wedding invitations, you have a variety of options waiting for you, ranging from simple to elaborate. The most basic white embossed daisy wedding invitations work well for the simplest of weddings – match them to your understated white satin gown and stand out against the background of blossoms.

Basic one panel wedding invitations can look great too, depending on what sort of design you want on them. These Blossom wedding invitations come in a variety of colors so you can select the perfect look to match your wedding’s color scheme. If your garden setting is low on flowers but well accented with pretty flowering trees, send out wedding invitations prettily printed with dainty blooms or cherry blossom tree branches.

Want more than just wedding invitations? If you’re having a small chapel or city hall wedding but still want a sweet garden reception, get the word out with sweet Rose Cake invitations. Even if you’re not going with a three-layer wedding cake spectacular, the combination of roses and cake will get the tasty message across. And if you’re having a bridal shower, we love these pretty Blossoms and Bride invitations.

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