Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Formal

You’ve already decided on the most popular type of wedding; from here on, everything will be (relatively) easy! The formal wedding is the classic choice for brides, allowing for the traditional wedding dress and tuxedo combination up at the altar and all the fancy trappings you could ask for you – without going overboard, of course. You won’t need to note this on your wedding invitations, as it’s the standard for most weddings, and your guests will likely dress accordingly.

With formal wedding invitations, you’ll probably want to keep yourself within the realm of white; ivory, cream, platinum, etc. are your best bets. If you want something brighter, consider 2-Layer Panel wedding invitations, and keep the main layer of the invitation (where the words will be) a shade of white. For an attractively coordinated look, try matching the color of the ink to the color of the backing layer, so long as the backing layer is sufficiently dark. This looks particularly lovely with shades of cocoa brown, navy blue, or deep red.