Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Double Wedding

Although it’s not a commonly seen type of wedding, the double wedding has a long history for brides who wish to combine their own wedding with that of a close friend or relative. Whether you want to share your special day with your sister or just a friend who feels like one, a double wedding can be a beautiful ceremony that bonds you both with your husbands and each other as you share one of the most important days of your lives. But along with the excitement, you might find that you have a few questions about how to word your wedding invitations!

The rules of etiquette for double wedding invitations are few but important. If you’re puzzling over whose name goes first on the invitations, first decide who’s hosting the ceremony, i.e. who’s paying for it. The couple with the closest relationship to the host is listed first (so if your parents are picking up the tab, you’ll be the first couple listed). If the wedding is to be financed by both couples, the oldest couple should be the first name. These rules can also be combined – so, if you and your sister are having a double wedding and your parents are paying for it, whichever one of you is eldest would be listed first on the wedding invitations.

When it comes to choosing the wedding invitations to send out, you’ll want to go with larger invitations (e.g. panel invitations rather than smaller folding cards) so you’ll have enough room to get all the information on there. They offer plenty of room to get everyone’s name in, with a full panel invitation inside and a choice of 60+ colors so even if you and the other bride can’t decide on a color immediately, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to compromise. You can even choose the ink color, so if she wants red and you want green, you can have a green jacket and red ink inside so everyone’s happy.

Another option for larger invitations is going with Folio Pocket wedding invitations. Like the Jacket wedding invitations, these open up to reveal a full panel’s worth of space for names, dates, and the destination. Go with the 6×9 size so there’s plenty of space, and don’t be afraid to place additional information on the reception cards, or add in an extra card if there are special instructions specific to your double wedding.

Want to keep it simple? Go for basic Single Panel wedding invitations so the information is available right out of the envelope!