Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: Candlelight Ceremony

If you’re looking for a wedding ceremony that’s a little different from the norm, consider a candlelight ceremony. Often called upon for evening weddings during the holiday season, candlelight ceremonies are well-suited for weddings in dark churches or cathedrals to really capture the ethereal effect the candles will bring to your ceremony. Candles will decorate the church, and you can also have attendants carry candles down the aisle, making the altar a magical candlelit place to exchange your vows. But what sort of wedding invitations are appropriate for a candlelight ceremony?

We can’t help but favor gold – it’s the color of flame, it’s the color of light, it’s very likely the color of the ring on your finger. The Gold Leaf envelopes are a lovely way to get your guests in the mood, and you can go with wedding invitations in the color of your choice on the inside. We love the combination of gold with a warm shade of red that stands out well in candlelight without clashing or interrupting the softly-lit atmosphere you’ll hope to capture with your ceremony.

Can’t get enough of gold? The Victoria Folio Pocket wedding invitations have just the look you need with an elegant design and shades of gold. For the invitations on the inside, try a deep shade of brown or navy for the printing ink so it doesn’t clash with the pale gold.

If you love gold but want something a bit more subtle, a shimmery cream color can be echoed with vanilla candles for your candlelight ceremony. You can even coordinate your dress with the theme by going with warmer cream or ivory shades for your wedding gown, rather than cooler icy true whites.

Maybe it’s just us, but we associate candles with champagne. Something about a flute of France’s finest is just best-dressed in candlelight, highlighting each bubble in the pale gold liquid as it floats to the top. If you’re planning on making champagne the libation of choice at your candlelight ceremony, highlight that with pretty champagne column wedding invitations. Then once the candles from the ceremony have been snuffed, drink up!