Wedding Invitations for Every Type of Wedding: At Home

It’s time to wrap up this series of posts on wedding invitations with one of the easiest, yet still least well-known, types of weddings. An at-home wedding isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you! Like with any wedding, one of the major keys to success is the right venue, so if you or your future hubby have some truly fabulous digs and you’re willing to shove around the living room furniture or set up a tent in the backyard, you could save tons of cash and make sure that your wedding decorations are exactly what you want.

This type of wedding can also be hosted by the parents or close friend or relative with an appropriately sized house. This most often demands a fairly small wedding, so keep that in mind when making your decision – unless you have acres of country backyard or a spectacular mansion at your disposal, know that having an at-home wedding naturally decreases your potential guest list by a significant number. It might seem silly to have a wedding at home and a reception at a paid-for venue, but with the money you save on a wedding hall, you might want to consider it, especially if you’re troubled by the thought of so few friends and family receiving wedding invitations.

With such a small guest list, you can get a bit fancier with the wedding invitations, sending out the highest quality invites you can find so each guest knows how special they are to have a place in your ceremony. We naturally lean toward the queen of fancy wedding invitations, Anna Griffin. We love these Celadon Toile wedding invitations in soothing beribboned green, easy to echo in the wedding decorations with sprigs of dried leaves and flowers. These Platinum Vellum-Wrapped Panel wedding invitations are another divinely lavish way to welcome your guests to your at-home ceremony.

An at-home wedding means you have the utmost control over your wedding space, so you can customize the decorations however you’d like! While you’re at it, bring that same control to your wedding invitations. MyGatsby’s selection of custom wedding invitations grants you total ownership over the appearance of your invitations, from color (match to your wedding theme colors) to overall feel (simple single panel invitations for a simple wedding. When you choose an at-home wedding, the planning is up to you and the hosts, so take advantage of that by getting creative with the decoration, wedding invitations, and more. Most importantly, have fun!

MyGatsby no longer carries Anna Griffin, see other great wedding invitations here.

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