Wedding Invitations for a Civil Ceremony

You’ve got your wedding planned, and with the power vested in them by the state of your residence, your local town, city, or county clerk, judge or justice of the peace will soon pronounce you man and wife. If you’re having a small ceremony outdoors or a simple wedding in a non-denominational setting, you might be wondering how traditional you should go with your wedding invitations.

You can easily have a lavish wedding without it taking place in a church or being married by a minister. Make sure to avoid religious iconography (such as crosses) on your wedding invitations so there’s no confusion, but feel free to send out invites festooned with ribbons and lace or made up of multiple layers if that’s what strikes your fancy – after all, there are certainly hotel ballrooms and grand cliffsides that outdo many churches for grandeur.

If you’re skipping the fuss in favor of a quieter wedding, reflect that in your wedding invitations with simple one or two-layer invites like those found in our Mix ‘n Match selection. Secular ceremonies like yours can put the focus elsewhere on the day you join hands in front of all your family and friends. Consider a back-to-nature motif hinted at in a sweet flower monogram, as seen in these 5×5 Circle Panel Wedding Invitations.

City Hall weddings need wedding invitations too. Alright, maybe they don’t exactly need them, but you only get married once, right? You’ll need a witness or two, so even if you don’t want to get anything printed, indulge yourself by sending out a handwritten invite on basic card stock with another layer glued on top for that pretty invitation look. Sure, it’s a civil ceremony – but darling, it’s also your wedding.