Wedding Invitations as Your Something Blue

Okay, you can’t quite wear your wedding invitations, so they don’t really count in the same way. But growing up we remember that practically everybody’s favorite color was blue, so why not go with it? Blue can be soothing and comforting or bold and classic, and you can find all sorts of different shades to reflect those feelings in your wedding invitations.

If nothing but the most traditional look will do for your blue wedding invitations, go for Amber Folio Pocket wedding invitations in shades of dark classic navy, for the more subdued and elegant wedding. If you’re incorporating navy blue shades into your wedding, keep the mood from getting too somber by adding in accents of shimmering gold. Similarly classy wedding invitations can be had in the  Abbey 2-Layer wedding invitations in pacific blue, if you’re looking for a shade just a step up from classic white.

Is your idea of wedding invitations quirkier than that? Go for the white and blue Wedding Bell invitations, printed with cute bells and dotted for a dash of fun. They work well as very simple wedding invitations to a smaller ceremony, or even as invitations to a bridal shower or as a wedding announcement.

Embrace classic simplicity with two-tone wedding invitations in shades that accent the loveliest pale blue. We love a candy-esque brown and white color scheme, or if you’re feeling a bit more daring with your pastels, try out the light blue and celery Square Panel wedding invitations.