Wedding Hair

Choosing your wedding day hair style can be one of the more enjoyable decisions you must make your for the big day. We’ve jotted down some words of advice that we hope will make this a fun decision to make.

Making a choice on your hair is of course a very important task, but it’s also a fun task. Every girl loves to play with their hair styles. You get to flip through mountains of catalogs, and click away on your computer for hours. Scouring not only the latest trends but of course the classics. From chignons to crown braids and everything between, your wedding day hair is a big decision.

You will want to think about the style of wedding you are having. For the bride hosting an elegant ballroom affair, loose barrel curls may appear too casual. A tight up-do may not be the best choice for the bride who has decided to wear cowboy boots and a sundress. While of course you should go with what style you like, we encourage you to think about the whole picture.

Your personality should play a large role in the decision making process as well. When looking through the hair style photos think to yourself “Will I look like myself with this style?” While of course you will likely be extra dolled up for the big day, you don’t want a look that makes you seem like someone else. The idea here is too look like an extra fabulous version of your already beautiful self.

Take into consideration your hair type. Is it thin, flat, thick or bushy? Is your hair long enough to pull off the specific style that you are interested in? Or is it possibly too long? Do you have the type of hair that just will not hold or curl? Or will it take a long time to straighten out your curly locks?

Dry hair can be an issue as well. Be sure to choose a realistic hairstyle based on the information you know about your hair. Unfortunately, there are some styles that will just not work on everyone.

Time will play a role in your hair style choice as well. Will you need to grow your hair out for this particular look? If so do not forget to get routine trims. Healthy hair grows faster and fuller than weak hair with split ends. Do you regularly dye your hair or get highlights? If so make sure to keep up on them leading to the wedding. You want your hair to look it’s absolute best.

There is a lot going on, on your wedding day and you want your beautiful coif to hold up all day. If you have excessively thick or excessively thin hair, an elaborate up-do may possibly be out of the question. You will most likely have your hair done a couple of hours before your walk down the aisle. And you will want it to stay looking beautiful clear until the last dance.

Do not wait to decide on your wedding day hair style until the last minute. A month or two in advance is ideal. Unless you are a very adventurous bride, this is not the time to make last minute haircuts or dye your hair a color that strays drastically from your natural shade. You can always cut more, but you cannot add it back on.

Think about the costs involved. Is the style that you have chosen going to require several trips to the salon for extensions or colorings? If so, how much are these going to cost and are you willing to add them into your wedding budget?

For all of the reasons above, and countless more, we suggest you have at least one hair trial with your stylist. The hair trial is always a good idea. This is an opportunity for you to try on your style prior to the wedding day. You are able to see how well the style looks on you. We suggest having the hair trial done about a month before the big day. So, that if necessary, you will have plenty of time to find a new style.

When going in for your hair trial, be sure to bring along pictures of the style (or styles that you like). If available, try to bring in views from the front, the back and the sides of the style. This will enable your stylist to give you the most precise replication. Also, you will want to bring any head pieces, such as a veil, a fascinator, or a headband. Your stylist will need to work with these items to figure out how to incorporate it with your hair.

Ask you stylist for an appointment early in the day. We suggest this for a few reasons. First, you will be able to wear your style up for most of the day. This ensures that you will know if it can hold up for several hours. It will also allow you to check it out multiple times throughout the day. A style that looked gorgeous as soon as you left the salon may seem a bit too up-tight for you an hour later. Lastly you’ll want to be sure to wash your hair the night before. Hair with a small amount of natural oil in it styles best.

While your wedding day hair style is an important decision, it is also one of the more enjoyable ones. So go ahead and play beauty shop, you deserve it!