Wedding Gift Registry No-No’s

Wedding gift registries are when engaged couples pre-select the wedding gifts that they may hope to receive. A wedding gift registry is a simple system, by which a marrying couple can reveal their most wanted items to those who will want to offer them wedding gifts. According to wedding traditions and etiquette, only those who are invited to a wedding are actually invited to offer gifts to the bride and groom.  An increasing number of marrying couples will request that guests refrain from giving gifts. Typically it would specify “no gifts, please” on their invitations.

Brides and grooms pick out their choices in computerized lists. Wedding guests are then able to access these lists, which indicate which gift items have or have not been purchased. This convenience helps to prevent duplicate wedding gifts and ensure wedding guests may select practical items the bride and groom will want or need. Your wedding guest list will likely include many faraway friends and family members, who are unlikely to shop in stores near the marrying couple’s location. Etiquette is essential with wedding gift registries.

Giving cash to the new couple is also considered proper etiquette and people could always use more. Some people may even prefer receiving or giving cash as it helps the bride and groom pick up things that they like or cover unexpected expenses. Otherwise it would be better to stick to the bridal directory.

Embossed Border Save the Date These single embossed border cards are a classic way to inform your family and friends of your upcoming nuptials.

Jocelyn Photo Save the Date The square format of this Save the Date card gives you room to share three photos of your romance! Special size requires extra postage. Check with your post office before mailing.

Proper consideration dictates that the bride and groom will register with at least one wedding gift registry that is available nationwide or even internationally. The economic means of each individual wedding guest may vary; you must include a full range of gift suggestions on their wedding gift registry list. Even the most open-minded wedding guests may find this practice a bit daunting, particularly in challenging economic times. After all, one of the primary purposes of wedding gifts has traditionally been to help a brand-new couple set up housekeeping together, not to fund their recreational pursuits. Wedding gifts are a tradition and a thoughtful gesture from wedding guests. However, no rules dictate that wedding guests must purchase items from wedding gift registries. In time, most wedding gifts can be exchanged, if needed, without alerting or offending those who offered them.

This is a long-standing tradition that depends on the generosity of each wedding guest. Wedding gift registry information should not be included in wedding invitations. However gift registry information may be included in wedding shower invitations, but never in the save-the-date cards or wedding invitations.

Blushing Beauty Invitations These invitations say it all, starting with a beautiful blushing bride and all the information one may need such as gift registries, you got engaged, and when/where to celebrate.

Many brides and grooms choose online wedding gift registries, found on websites to make long-distance shopping more convenient for their families and friends.  If you’re like most couples, you’ll probably go on a honeymoon. Does the thought of your guests helping to foot the bill for your getaway sound enticing? There are numerous honeymoon registries online, but most charge a fee. When you create an account, you can itemize your honeymoon wishes and have them contribute to everything from massages at your destination, to airfare and accommodations.

Increasingly, brides and grooms create websites or social networking group pages for their wedding dates. This can be a fun and practical way to keep loved ones included as wedding plans evolve. Wedding gift registry information does not belong on the front page of your wedding website. The proper way to include this content is to provide a link to a page or gift registry site. Some websites will let you create a registry that allows you to list whatever you want – even experiences you’d like to share. Your guests sign up with a free account and contribute cash towards the gift of their choice. There is no fee to create a registry. However, most websites will take around one percent for each transaction. Your guests have several options when contributing. They can use a credit card, money order, bank transfers, or a trusted pay website.

You may have all you need and you want to use your wedding as a time to give back, why not sign up for a charitable registry? You can choose from over one million charitable organizations. Simply have wedding guests donate to the charity of your choice instead of wedding gifts.

Thank You Notes Send your heartfelt thanks to wedding guests, those who sent gifts, your bridal party, and everyone else who helped make your wedding the perfect celebration with these elegant thank you notes.

A bit of thoughtfulness and common courtesy can prevent wedding gift registry no-no’s and many other potential pitfalls.