Wedding Gift Registries

Registering for wedding gifts has become very popular with today’s bride and groom. A registry is a great convenience for the couple and the guests. It certainly reduces the change of receiving multiple crystal bowls and gives the guest an idea of the couples’ taste. So…it is a win-win for all concerned.

However, there is some etiquette that goes along with gift registries. First and foremost, you should never mention your registry on your wedding invitations. You also should not put the registry information inside the envelope that includes your wedding invitation. You can easily publicize your wedding registry information on a wedding web site if you have one or by word of mouth.

When you register for gifts, be sure to choose a range of gifts that will fit your guests’ budgets. If you are being married in a different city than where you live, register in stores in both locations for everyone’s convenience. Again lots of your guests will welcome gift guidance; however, others may prefer to choose their own special gift. Some of these gifts will turn out to be thing you never thought of that you will really treasure.

While on the subject of gifts…the only proper way to ask for money or gift certificates is by “word of mouth”. While it is acceptable to open a gift before the wedding (and write the thank you note), you should never use your wedding gifts or shower gifts until after the wedding. If your wedding is cancelled for any reason, all gifts (wedding and shower) should be returned as soon as possible.

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