Wedding Gaffes, Faux Pas, Mistakes & More

When you work with wedding etiquette day in and day out, trained in what is traditional and proper, you often get the biggest chuckle of all when attending weddings for your own friends and family members when you realize that something goes “wrong” at every wedding. We have compiled a small list of the top wedding gaffes, faux pas, and goofups from the folks here at The American Wedding. We’ll be sharing a few of them from time to time. Stressful as planning a wedding can be, we feel it’s helpful to understand that no wedding is ever “perfect” and sometimes the things that will help people remember your beautiful day is not what you had in mind at all.

  • “A few years ago, I was an attendant for a friend’s wedding. The bride’s brother was an excellent vocalist and sang “Color My World” by Chicago at the end of the ceremony. The song was gorgeous until he reached the last line which should have been “…of loving you.” He sang “…of losing you” instead. It was one of those moments you really wanted to laugh but everyone’s eyes were all bugged out and no one even breathed.”
  • “We were guests at an outdoor wedding in a gorgeous park in Charleston, South Carolina. All six of the groomsmen were dressed in white tuxedos, very formal and elegant. Every single one of them had put on basketball tube socks with bright red banding around the tops which could be seen quite clearly. It was very distracting and looked hilarious.”
  • “I was at a wedding once where the bride was making her grand entrance, coming from a long black limousine. Her little sister was supposed to follow her, playing the Wedding March from a portable cd player. Apparently, though, they’d been listening to the player in the limo or earlier in the day, because when she pushed “play”, the bride entered to the tune of “Mama Told Me Not to Come” by Three Dog Night instead. The bride started screaming at her sister, ordered her to get the right tape, and got back in the limo to wait. Thankfully, one of the groomsmen came up with the correct tape and the second time the bride stepped from the limo, she was all smiles and sweetness, as the Wedding March rang out.”
  • “At my brother’s wedding, there was a large bridal party. The bride and all the attendants were waiting in a small side room, getting ready to line up, when we realized the four-year-old flower girl was missing! We all began searching for her in this huge Catholic church. I heard some whispering coming from the confessional booth, opened the door and there she was, kneeling and praying for her aunt and new uncle. It was such a sweet and tender moment, we all calmed down and were pretty relaxed.”

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