Hello, my name is Paeonia.

My name is Paeonia Hello, there.  My name is Paeonia, but people call me peony for short.  Let me tell you about myself.  I love being the center of attention! My large flowers take up a lot of space in wedding bouquets and centerpieces.  My big beautiful flowers only come around once each year, so hurry up and find me once spring arrives.  But, oh my!  Are my flowers showstoppers!  My best friends are ants; I give them a sugary nectar-like treat and in turn, they eat all sorts of soft little bugs that like to nibble on my tender new buds.  Well, gotta go for now, but hope to see you soon!

  • The name Paeonia comes from Paeon, the physician of the gods in Greek mythology
  • Peony flower colors include coral, pink, crimson, cream, purple, rose, scarlet, yellow, and white
  • Peony flowers can contain a lot of pollen, but it is generally too heavy to become air-borne (and thus enter our nasal passages) so peonies are usually considered not to cause allergies
  • The ASPCA lists peonies as poisonous to horses, cats, and dogs so be sure to keep your pets away from the flowers
  • Peony flowers will last about three to five days in a vase
  • Paeonia flowers represent many things including prosperity, good fortune, and love

Peony Wedding InvitationsWant to see more?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

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