Hello, my name is Allium

Allium NametagSome people call me “stinky.”  Dogs and cats call me “toxic.”  But florists see me in a different light.  They think I’m beautiful.  Hi, I’m the ornamental onion.  You’re probably familiar with my cousins: garlic, chives and leeks.  And while they have great culinary value, their flowers are no match for mine.  I am the star of the show when I make an appearance in wedding day flowers and bouquets.  If you’re looking for a unique flower, look no further.

  • Allium flowers come in purple, pink, yellow, white, and even blue
  • They also range in size from that of a quarter to about the size of a volleyball
  • Most of the flower heads are oval (drumstick alliums) or globe shaped
  • Some people are allergic to garlic and any other plant in the Allium family and these people should steer very clear of ornamental onions
  • Ornamental onions are basically only available in spring and summer
  • As long as you keep the vase water clean, the flowers should last anywhere from one to three weeks

Allium flowers represent unity, making them the perfect symbolization for a wedding.  If you’re looking for a special little something to add to your wedding flowers, think about spicing things up with some ornamental onion flowers..

Looking for more Alliums?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

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