Hello, my name is Allium

Allium NametagSome people call me “stinky.”  Dogs and cats call me “toxic.”  But florists see me in a different light.  They think I’m beautiful.  Hi, I’m the ornamental onion.  You’re probably familiar with my cousins: garlic, chives and leeks.  And while they have great culinary value, their flowers are no match for mine.  I am the star of the show when I make an appearance in wedding day flowers and bouquets.  If you’re looking for a unique flower, look no further.

Range of Allium Flower Colors

  • Allium flowers come in purple, pink, yellow, white, and even blue
  • They also range in size from that of a quarter to about the size of a volleyball
  • Most of the flower heads are oval (drumstick alliums) or globe shaped
  • Some people are allergic to garlic and any other plant in the Allium family and these people should steer very clear of ornamental onions
  • Ornamental onions are basically only available in spring and summer
  • As long as you keep the vase water clean, the flowers should last anywhere from one to three weeks

Allium Wedding Flowers

Allium flowers represent unity, making them the perfect symbolization for a wedding.  If you’re looking for a special little something to add to your wedding flowers, think about spicing things up with some ornamental onion flowers..

Looking for more Alliums?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

Images: Top images, clockwise from top left: Allium tanguticum ‘Summer Beauty’, Spent Flowerhead, Allium ostrowskianum ‘Swanenburg’, Allium azureum, Allium ‘Lucy Ball’, Allium moly, Drumstick Allium, Allium ‘Mount Everest’, Allium ‘Globemaster’

Bottom images: Boutonniere, Drumstick Allium, Bouquet

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