Hello, my name is Craspedia.

Craspedia Name TagBilly here.  Billy Buttons.  Well, that’s my nickname.  My real name is Craspedia globosa.  I’m starting to get very popular, if I say so myself.  You’ve probably seen me in a bouquet and asked, “What is that cool flower?”  My favorite color is yellow and I love jazzing up wedding flowers.  I’m originally from Australia and New Zealand but I’m a world traveler now.  Well, off to sign some autographs for all my adoring florist fans!

  • Craspedia are members of the daisy family, even though they don’t have any petals (ray flowers)
  • Billy buttons are available year round
  • Be sure to re-cut and rinse the stems along with changing the water/plant food every two to three days
  • Craspedia flowers are great for drying

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Want to see more?  Check out my board on Pinterest.

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