Wedding Feasts Inspired by Cuisine Around the World

The world is filled with all kinds of amazing foods, tastes and smells of food.  There are so many good reasons to capture tastes from around the world in a wedding reception feast.  A wedding is all about the joining of two lives, two worlds.  On a larger scale two cultures or ways of life are being merged.  There is no better way to celebrate that than thoroughly enjoying foods from those cultures.  A wedding is also the beginning of a journey and trying new things. An eclectic and varied selection of foods that guests normally don’t get to try is a great representation of that.  If the couple met at a certain type of restaurant or had a special date there, perhaps food that represents that place can be served as a break from the normal chicken and pasta selections. Celebrating a style of eating can mean just as much.  Family style meals, finger foods and buffets are just the start.

An Asian buffet- Dishes of rice, rice noodles, egg noodles, sautéed and steamed veggies and meats with various sauces make for a great buffet.  Be sure to clearly label foods to avoid allergy issues and keep the foods at the right temperature for a sure success of a wedding reception meal.

Here are a few types of food from around the world and some great wedding menu choices fitting with each type of feast.  This is just the beginning of the possibilities.

Have a fiesta- A Mexican feast can be served buffet or family style.  It can even be served in a sit down fashion with stations traveling to each table.  Taco and burrito bars are a simple start. Several rice dishes and bean dishes can also be served. Corn, asparagus, tomatoes and potatoes are huge in Mexican food.  Some regions are abundant in seafood as well.  A Mexican fiesta is really a very flexible menu that can appeal to all tastes.

Have a Mediterranean affair- The Mediterranean ocean touches a lot of countries.  All of the foods that are native to that region are great choices.  Foods from morocco, Egypt, Southern Italy, Greece and Israel are just the beginning. Onions, garlic, tomatoes and olive oil are the heart of many dishes.  Eggplant, squash, various types of legumes and so many other vegetables are abundant in the region and in the cuisine.  Beef dishes are rare but many dishes can be adapted to support beef.  Poultry, fish and lamb are more popular. A menu based on this cuisine is sure to be satisfying and enjoyable for nearly any guest.

Have a family style Italian affair- Huge plates of pasta and pots of bubbling sauce and homemade garlic bread that has just started to crisp sounds amazing to many people.  Pasta salads and a variety of homemade pizzas with fresh mozzarella also add a nice touch. How about a chance for guests to request their own toppings and watch the pizza be placed in an oven?  Italian meals are all about food and family and lots of both. There is something for everyone in every course of the Italian cuisine which makes it a wonderful choice for a wedding reception where people of all tastes gather to celebrate family and love.

Enjoy some home style goodness- Passing bowls of thick creamy mashed potatoes and piping hot gravy can really bring people together.  Plates of fried chicken, sausages and cornbread are also great choices.  Think the food that grand mom served when everyone was together for a special meal and lots of it.

Party Cajun style- Bell peppers, onions and celery make an aromatic mix.  They are the foundation of many Cajun dishes.  Cajun cooking is all about involving the senses. Steamed rice, skillet cornbread and a pot of plentiful vegetables accompany almost every meal.  The choices for main dishes are plentiful and varied containing seafood and every meat imaginable. Cajun cooking can involve barbequing, baking, grilling, charbroiling, griddling, boiling, deep frying and just about any form of cooking you can imagine.  It is all about simple and delicious. Gumbo, jambalaya and boudin are traditional dishes but only scratch the surface. Cajun cooking makes for a feel good and celebratory event.

Celebrate the locals- Use local specialties to save money and keep guests happy.  A cheese steak bar at a Philadelphia reception will go over well just like a crawfish bake in some southern states.  Don’t be afraid to stereotype the region.  Use what is available locally as cooks will be the best at preparing what they know well.

Stepping outside of the box for a wedding reception menu can seem a bit out there but the payoff is amazing.  Nothing is better than seeing it was worth all the money spent and guests are really enjoying themselves and the menu.